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FREE Energy Health Exercises Facilitated by Dr. Debra Greene.

The following exercises are from Debra Greene's book, Endless Energy: The Essential Guide to Energy Health. They are offered here in the spirit of service, facilitated by the author. The word inergy is used to denote nonphysical, subtle energies that are laced with information and are accessed internally. Although the exercises are best understood within the context of the book, you can greatly improve your energy health by simply practicing the exercises. Each exercise serves a specific purpose. Briefly, these are:

  1. Sensing Inergy: An introduction to sensing your subtle energy field (2:52).
  2. Self Sensing Your Vital Body: Sensing the energies in your hands and leg (6:35).
  3. Mirror Check for the Inergy Bodies: A daily check-in to maintain energy hygiene (6:27).
  4. Inergy Breath: To revitalize and bring yourself back to center (5:07).
  5. Raise the Frequency: To transmute unwanted negative thoughts (2:54).
  6. Picture Change: To dissipate self-criticism and condition your mental body (3:26).
  7. Breath Focus: To "oxygenate" your mental body and improve overall functioning (10:11).
  8. Host-Thought: To improve your power of concentration and receive higher-frequency thought-forms (10:11).
  9. Be Light: To clean away any ego-saturation and remember what you are (5:51).
  10. Integration: To align the ego bodies with the universal body (5:59).
  11. Inergy Mends: To heal a rift between you and another person on the energy level (4:29).
  12. Cosmos: To expand consciousness and keep the bigger-picture perspective (8:34).
  13. Inside-Out: To use negative external issues to clean out any internal resonant energies (7:17).

Here's to Your Energy Health!

Here's to Your Energy Health!

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